Our consultants will help your organization meet technology compliance regulations efficiently and effectively. We’ll ensure that you move beyond just checking the box to streamlining compliance practices and better align security and compliance processes.

We’ll help you to focus investment and resources, allowing you to create and mature effective policies, procedures and security controls that reduce risk and meet changing internal and external compliance requirements.


Dryve is an authorized partner of the open-source, enterprise grade IT GRC application provider, Eramba Ltd., and the industry leading Privacy, Security and Data Governance platform provider OneTrust. To fully leverage the capabilities of these platforms, Dryve offers a managed service that includes deploying, populating, managing, monitoring and maintaining your organization’s eGRC environment. Dryve GRC goes beyond managed services to provide full security program development.

Dryve strengthens your cybersecurity program with streamlined control monitoring, reporting, and mappings to regulatory requirements. Reduce costs by shifting the burden from your staff to ours. Our consultants will build and mature your security program to meet regulations such as PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, and others.


Dryve Solutions drives resource optimization by providing your organization with the solutions to meet your needs. Our documentation suite offers a turnkey security, infrastructure, and operations policies and procedures that combine requirements with the realism of technology and operations. This suite of documents is ready out of the box with few keystrokes or fully customizable to your organization. 

Many of the products and services that make up our security program development offering can be provided as stand-alone services or grouped to meet your specific needs without forcing a “one size fits all”. Choose the services that are right for your organization:

  • Policy Development – a turnkey or customized suite of policies, standards and procedures

  • Risk Assessment – identify threats and vulnerabilities to your organization
  • Vendor Risk Management – program development and assessment of vendors who have access to your sensitive information
  • Data Asset Analysis – helps organizations understand flow of sensitive data and prepare for GDPR