News Highlights:

  • Dryve aims to revolutionize compliance and risk management with Ostendio’s advanced GRC platform, distinguishing itself in the IT service provider landscape.
  • By harnessing Ostendio’s platform, Dryve will help demonstrate the risks clients face in easy-to-understand terms while reducing client information security management time by up to 50%.
  • This collaboration empowers Dryve to navigate intricate security challenges, simplifying cybersecurity delivery and ensuring robust protection at reduced costs.

Covington, LA. June 26, 2024 – Dryve, known for its steadfast approach to guiding organizations in technology compliance and cybersecurity best practices, has partnered with Ostendio Inc., a leading provider of compliance and security solutions.

This strategic alliance underscores Dryve’s commitment to setting new industry standards by leveraging Ostendio’s cutting-edge GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform to significantly elevate client security and compliance protocols.

Before joining forces with Ostendio, Dryve recognized the critical imperative to streamline and fortify client security frameworks. Matthew Dovie, Managing Director at Dryve, identified the inherent risks in manual compliance processes, often leading to fragmented security measures and heightened vulnerability.

“Our commitment to securing our clients’ operations is unwavering,” said Matthew Dovie. “Partnering with Ostendio allows us to provide proactive, integrated solutions that mitigate risks and enhance operational resilience.”

Dryve now integrates Ostendio’s platform to orchestrate robust security and compliance frameworks for its diverse clientele. The platform’s advanced capabilities empower clients to maintain current policies, execute risk assessments, and manage compliance tasks seamlessly, reducing exposure to potential breaches and non-compliance penalties.

“With Ostendio, we’re not just meeting industry standards—we’re setting new benchmarks for security and compliance excellence,” Dovie added. “Our clients benefit from clear insights into potential risks and streamlined processes that safeguard their digital assets.”

Dryve remains committed to educating its clients on evolving cybersecurity threats and the imperative of continuous compliance. By simplifying complex security challenges and demonstrating potential risks in accessible terms, Dryve ensures clients stay ahead in an increasingly volatile digital landscape.


Guided by principled core values, Dryve leads organizations toward technology compliance and cybersecurity best practices efficiently and effectively through meaningful relationships with customers and strategic alliances with partners. Dryve is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through a comprehensive and streamlined approach to automating IT GRC services. For more information, visit


Ostendio is the only security, compliance and risk management platform that leverages the strength of your greatest asset. Your people. Ostendio delivers an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform that allows you to assess risk, create and manage critical policies and procedures, empower your people to be secure with automated compliance workflows, and monitor continuous compliance across 300+ security frameworks. With deep customization, advanced intelligence, and flexible controls, you’re always audit-ready, always secure, and always able to take on what’s next. For more information, visit